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Top 10 Tips for 2016 to Health and Well-Being!

October 27, 2016

Welcome 2016!


Every year, we list our new year’s resolutions, we all do it, I admit I do.  It is a chance for a new start, a fresh look at ourselves into this divine “self-intervention” of improvement; a 2.0 if you will.  Some resolutions last longer than others, but shortly after, those goals become a forgotten notion.  However, what we need are baby steps, a progression into habit forming.  Some resolutions are so grand, people give up at a chance of procrastination.  Here I’ve listed 10 tips to starting a healthy 2016.       


1 ) Drink Water with Lemon - Hydration is important!  I hope you are consistently drinking good quality water.  Lemon water in the morning helps to kick start your metabolism and your liver to release toxins. 

2 ) Eat Protein for Breakfast - Protein in the morning can sustain a longer window of satiety throughout the day, especially for the office workers that get that crash around 3-4pm, and you reach for that sugary snack. 

3 ) Sleep - In Hong Kong, this can be tough, but improving on the quality of sleep, if time is limited, can improve energy levels already.  Decreasing or eliminating stimuli prior to bed and keeping the room pitch black is already beneficial in your quest for better sleep. 

4 ) Exercise - My physiology professor once said, if anyone can make a “pill” that was made up of all the benefits of exercise, that person would be a gazillionaire!  Exercise helps on so many levels: immunity, metabolism, digestion, cell function, mood, energy levels, etc…and the list keeps going!   

5 ) Time for Yourself - Down time from your hectic life here in Asia!  Whether it is 20 min or 1 hr, it is your allowed time to improve on yourself.  This has many psychological & emotional benefits that aid in your personal health.  This could be exercise, crafts, hobbies, music, art, a new language, this all ties into the betterment of your mental well-being. 

6 ) Omega Fatty Acids - Number #1 supplement I advocate!  Omega Fatty acids, or EFAs (essential fatty acids) can be sourced from fish, flax, hemp, algae, perilla and many different types of plant based oils which helps and supports cell function in all the body’s different systems, it also can help in improving energy levels, sleep, mood, and stress management.  Omega Oils are the building blocks of cell membranes, among other cellular factors that can improve on a physiological and biochemical level. 

7 ) Probiotics - My Number #2 supplement!  Probiotics help in digestion and immune function.  Some probiotics can even support vitamin synthesis as well.  It’s primarily known for aiding in digestive health and bowel movements, but the science behind the benefits of probiotics are growing tremendously on these mutualistic symbiotic organisms.  Probiotics come in fermented food products or as a supplement.  For example: yogurt, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, just to name a few.  Supplementation can come in powder form, capsules, tablets with various strengths in dosage.   

8 ) Stress Management - We all are stressed on a daily basis, whether it be from work, personally, or even daily interactions.  Asia can pull at your patience frequently, especially if you don’t have any tools to manage these stresses. Stress can come in the form of organic stress, where you’re physiologically feeling this stress, and your body can become exhausted because of it; and emotional or psychological stress, where you’re feeling the stress on a mental level, but not necessarily experience it physically.   

9 ) Meet with Friends and Meet New Friends - Go out and have fun! 

10) Positivity - Studies have shown that staying positive creates better brain function on an organic level.  This will improve on mood, energy, and outlook on life as a whole and on your day-to-day activities.  

Hope a few of these items makes it on your list of resolutions for 2016 and take those first steps into a better, healthier 2016. 

Should you have any further questions, you can always email me directly 

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