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October 27, 2016

This month I want to shed some light on protein.  It’s one of the macronutrients that keeps us alive and healthy!  We need it for many functions - immune system, metabolism, enzyme activity, structural uses, motor and coordination and many more.  It’s essential to life!  Protein is made of peptides, which in turn are made of amino acids. There are primarily 20 different amino acids that make up different types of protein in the body. 

Lately, there’s been a wide spread divide on the pros and cons of protein; partly education, partly cultural.  Expats primarily think protein is a good thing; whereas, locals frown upon it.  For years and years, starting with the Atkins diet and now Paleo diet, there are people that truly believe in a high protein diet.  (I even wrote a term paper on the paleo diet, way back when, in naturopathic school).  On the contrary, there are people that believe protein is bad for you; damages your kidneys, your liver and that it’ll clog your o...

October 27, 2016

Allergies stem from a long period of hyperactivity in the immune system.  It’s the body’s way of expressing unease; usually in the form of inflammation, discomfort, migraines, gas, bloating, and more severely, anaphylaxis.  For those people who have them…hate them!  Whether it be seasonal allergies or food allergies, the level of discomfort hinders our daily lifestyles.  It’s the body’s response to foreign substances that “might” pose a threat to our health.  Although, in my opinion, an allergic response is an unhealthy form immune response, it can be managed.   

All experience allergies at different levels of severity.  These are caused by various types of allergic responses expressed physiologically due to different immune proteins.  In naturopathy, we classify them as insensitivity, intolerance, and anaphylaxis.

Insensitivity - is usually expressed in the form of hives, headaches, migraines, bloating, or gas 

Intolerance - is...

October 27, 2016

Spring is here in Hong Kong…sort of!  It is the season of change and renewal and our bodies begin to shift.  Our metabolism and activity increases as the weather warms up and out of winter…of stagnation and dormancy.  In my opinion, this is a good period of time to do a detox.  Recently, there’s been a huge surge in the health food industry with a gazillion different products, juice fasts, and diet plans catering to people that want to do detoxes.  And of course, on the contrary with this “hype” or “fad” there are always the nay sayers and the un-believers!

Well, what is a detox?  Why do some people believe in it and some people don’t?  In my opinion, detoxes do work.  It’s a conscious process of eliminating excess toxins from within the body through diet & lifestyle.  The misconception of what a detox is suppose to do and what people want it to do, I think gives detoxes a bad wrap.  Here are a few points with respect to detoxification that I’d like to...

October 27, 2016

Supplement Basics - Part II

Supplementation habits in Hong Kong are relatively new.  Only in the last decade or so, people have started to look for supplements to improve on their health for prevention or finding a natural means to manage a condition in particular.  Most of this knowledge came from the “western” countries.  Majority of expats already take supplements, if not at least, has heard someone taking supplements for their health.  Locals on the other hand, are only beginning this journey.

Generally speaking, what I’ve found and seen clinically, is that supplements only have benefits if you follow these steps:

  1. In order for the supplement to have any noticeable benefits, you have to create a habit of actually taking them regularly or as prescribed.

  2. Supplements as food items, have to be treated as part of your diet (after all, supplements are used to ‘supplement’ something you’re missing in your regular diet)

  3. Most supplements should be taken with or afte...

October 27, 2016

Supplement Basics - Part I

There’s been a long debate about the efficacy of supplements among different schools of thought.  Some believe that supplements are a waste of money; and some take so many, that it fills up their cabinets.  Recently, an article came out about the majority of the supplements from large retailers had nothing in the capsules.  This posed a lot of negativity with the public.  However, I don’t believe this to be true.  

In my experience, there’s always been 3 levels of quality for supplements and this is where the branding comes in:

  1. Pharmaceutical Level - this category of supplements are usually created by large pharmaceutical companies that want to compliment their existing drugs, with more natural, on demand options.  However, the supplements at this level are generally filled with fillers, colourings, preservatives to make the product last longer in storage and on the shelf.  These so called ‘inert’ substances should pose no dietary risk fo...

October 27, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Every year, we list our new year’s resolutions, we all do it, I admit I do.  It is a chance for a new start, a fresh look at ourselves into this divine “self-intervention” of improvement; a 2.0 if you will.  Some resolutions last longer than others, but shortly after, those goals become a forgotten notion.  However, what we need are baby steps, a progression into habit forming.  Some resolutions are so grand, people give up at a chance of procrastination.  Here I’ve listed 10 tips to starting a healthy 2016.       

1 ) Drink Water with Lemon - Hydration is important!  I hope you are consistently drinking good quality water.  Lemon water in the morning helps to kick start your metabolism and your liver to release toxins. 

2 ) Eat Protein for Breakfast - Protein in the morning can sustain a longer window of satiety throughout the day, especially for the office workers that get that crash around 3-4pm, and you reach for that sug...

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